Young couple with baggage on the street. Travel and tourism

Tourism Is Opening Back Up

The world is now opening up to United States tourists.  All the countries in Europe are welcoming tourists: Greece, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany. Canada is expected to open by the end of the summer!  Costa Rica is also open. Every day, more countries announce their openings, and people are traveling safely.

The airline requires proof of vaccination, a negative Covid test 72 hours before the flight departs, or a note from a doctor confirming your recovery from Covid. All of these protocols are ever-changing, and I will try to keep you updated!

To keep travelers safe, hotels, restaurants, motor coaches, etc., follow cleaning protocols. Travelers still need to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer when traveling.  Just use good hygiene! 😉 Masks are still being required in some places but not all-especially if you have been vaccinated.

Travelers are being kept safe at all times, so don’t let fear keep you from experiencing this amazing world, whether in the United States or abroad!

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