Canadian Rockies

Canadian Rockies and Glacier National Park

July 3rd through the 10th, 2016

Join Jeanne in the summer of 2016 as she takes you on a magnificent adventure across some of the most spectacular natural areas of the North American continent.  You’ll get up close and personal with fields of ice, rushing streams, lovely waterfalls, glacial peaks, stampeding chuck wagons, and towering summits.  These are just a few of the scenic wonders awaiting you in the Canadian Rockies and Glacier National Park.  And perhaps the highlight of this adventure will be the world famous and best known rodeo, the Calgary Stampede.

Opening of the Calgary Stampede

The soaring majesty of the Canadian Rockies and the brilliance of Montana’s Glacier National Park will be on full display as you begin your Canadian adventure in the stunning town of Banff, Alberta.

No this has not been photo-shopped. This is Banff, Alberta.
Downtown Banff, Alberta
Fairmont, Banff
Fairmont Hotel at Banff Springs

A wonderful day of sightseeing awaits as we set out along the unforgettable Icefields Parkway with its lofty waterfalls, rushing rivers, glacial peaks, imposing cliffs and snowcapped mountain ranges. We’ll visit the Columbia Icefield and choose a fun ride across this mass of glacial ice which is over 1,000 feet thick – the largest accumulation of ice south of the Arctic Circle; or, take a walk on the Glacier Skywalk to experience the breathtaking views of the Sunwapta Valley and witness this dramatic landscape from the glass-floored platform. This afternoon, stop at stunning Peyto Lake, a turquoise glacier-fed lake that evokes pure serenity. Better be on the lookout for Grizzly bears and Elk on the return to Banff.

The Columbia Icefield Parkway
We’ll have an opportunity to spot Grizzly Bears along out route.

On our fourth day we’ll travel south to Waterton Lakes National Park.  We’ll pass through quaint villages and travel roads sometimes traversed by grizzly bears, black bears, mountain goats, cougars, wolves, moose and elk.  We’ll spend the next few nights at the stunning Prince of Wales Hotel.

Waterton and Prince of Wales
The Prince of Wales Hotel and Lake Waterton.
Banff limo
While staying at the Prince of Wales, we’ll tour Galcier National Park in their famous 1935 Red Jammers.
These canvas topped tour buses have been preserved by Glacier Park and upfitted with modern technology. Fitted with automatic transmissions, they no longer make that mechanical jamming sound that drivers created when double-clutching the transmission. Don’t forget your camera.
Sun Road
And raingear is essential
Peyto Lake
Peyto Lake at Glacier National Park
Prince of Wales Hotel
Waterton Lake with the Prince of Wales Hotel at the far left.
Wagon Race
On our final night in Canada we’ll return to Calgary and we’ll have reserved seating for the Calgary Stampede, the best known rodeo in the world. So buckle up for this once in a lifetime adventure.

You won’t want to miss this breathtaking adventure to one of the most majestic natural vistas on our planet. Call Jeanne today at (864) 993-1955 to reserve a space on this incredible adventure.

And for a complete itinerary please click here.

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