Africa! - Jeanne's Travel Adventure


This past September I took a small group of hearty travelers on a once in a lifetime adventure to Africa.  It was perhaps the most incredible adventure I’ve taken.  The sights and sounds of Africa are like nowhere else because the primary attraction to this incredible landscape is the natural beauty; the animals, the scenery and the breathtaking vistas are just so unforgettable.  We flew into Kenya via Atlanta to Amsterdam then onto Nairobi.  In Nairobi we met up with another small group and we spent the night in the Fairmont Nairobi.  The next morning, still punchy from the travel and time difference of seven hours, he headed out to Samburu Game Preserve where we would spend several days tent camping.

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  1. This was my first trip with Jeanne and my first trip to Kenya. From start to finish, Jeanne took care of everything. There was a slight hiccup with my room the first night in Kenya, and Jeanne straightened it out quickly. My roommate and I weren’t inconvenienced. It was incredible to see animals in their natural habitat and a wonderful experience to meet the people. Our local guide was so knowledgeable and experienced. He kept us safe and comfortable. Jeanne, I look forward to future travels with you and Collette!

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